Eldritch Copper

An element discovered in the last half century, it has become the standard of technology and economy across the globe. Vaguely radioactive, vaguely magical, it can produce enormous amounts of heat for even the common user, and more advanced users can make massive engines and weapons out of it. It is what powers technological marvels like the gravity-rider airships and Aether Gates that would never have otherwise been possible. It looks like shiny copper when first smelted, and as its magic is drained, it oxidizes into a dull turquoise green. When filed down into powder, it can be sprinkled in food or drink, and when consumed, it temporarily amplifies energy levels, creativity and already existing mystical abilities. However, when too much is taken, it drives humans temporarily mad, and it causes the Horrible Transformation in Noble Folk. This twists Elves, Fae, and Fairies into Orks, Goblins, and Gremlins, respectively. The only known antidote is Purple Bitter, which cannot reverse the Horrid Transformation once complete, but if taken at the onset of the change, can nullify the Copper’s effect on living creatures. Dwarves are immune both to the benefits and to overdosing.

Gossamer Willowfly

She didn’t pick the name, and yes, she’s aware how Fae names sound to humans. She was born half a century ago and left her forest as soon as she was of age for the cities of men of dwarves. For a brief period she enjoyed fame and fortune dancing with the Circus of Lost Souls in the Aether, until one day she got drunk on Eldritch Copper-laced wine and inadvertently terrified her troupe with vulgar displays of magical glamours. Banished from the Aether, she has struggled to get back every moment since, doing whatever it takes to make enough money to someday pay her way back. She would be much further along had she not spent almost all her original fortune on Copper dust and her lover’s gambling habit.


Madburner is an ork who once fought in the Great Mineral Rights Wars. Having left the service still armed with a prosthetic gun for an arm, a mechanical eye, and Eldritch Copper-laced armor, he has worked as a mercenary ever since. Like all orks, he was once an elf until an overdose of Eldritch Copper cause the Horrid Transformation.


Celeste is human, and an accomplished Aethermage for hire.

Goblin Professor

Twister, AKA “The Goblin Professor,” like all goblins, was once a winged fae until an overdose of Eldritch Copper cause the Horrid Transformation. He has continued to pursue a life of scientific discovery and invention. Despite his success, he lives in The Maze, and through the wealth he has made off of his works, has established himself as the primary economic and commanding force of the slums, especially among other Fallen. He kept his fae name, which is actually very long and complicated, and from that Gossamer was only able to remember “twister of magics,” which she then shortened to “Twister.”


Zeke Seabury Jr.

Zeke Seabury Jr. is a renowned Aethership Pilot, but also a bit of a thrill seeker, far more interested in the chase, carnal thrills, and dangerous situations than he is money or power.



Gharr is a dwarf and the head of security and armed muscle for the Ankmir Guild Boss of the Eldritch Mining Company. He is considered the most dangerous member of the mining guild, and stands watch over the Gasworks in particular.


Beamfilter is a Fae who sells small mechanical automatons at local markets around Ankmir. She and Gossamer were lovers at one point, and they have stayed in contact after their breakup. Beamfilter has a gambling problem, particularly when it comes to betting on the gremlin fights.


Krushnak is a dwarf and the Ankmir Guild Boss of the Eldritch Mining Company. Having worked his way up from a common miner, he is approaching his 100th anniversary of working for the Guild. He employs Gossamer as his Convenient, which translates roughly to prostitute exclusive only to him.

Lady A

Shadowed Man

The Shadowed Man is the avatar of a powerful Aethermage.


New characters will be added here as they are revealed.